Restoring reverence for life by conserving traditional crafts and natural habitats.

We are building a network of educational and therapeutic communities to help people suffering with stress, fatigue, and physical and psychological conditions to learn to live well and create social, economic, and spiritual renewal.

Our hubs bring together a network of craftspeople by providing workshops, materials, and teaching opportunities. Our approach creates opportunities for the older generation to contribute their skills and time whilst experiencing the solidarity that comes from seeing young people thrive in community.

Our Programmes

We offer three programmes, each with a focus on crafts, conservation, and contemplation.

Pillar Resilience

Folk School


Our Fingertip Philosophy programme provides positive pathways to a brighter future for young people, especially those in alternative provision. We are developing plans to work with children with autism and their families, as well as children in caring roles.

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Pillar Recovery

Making Well


We run an eight-week course called ‘Making Well: Health & Healing through Green Crafts’.  We welcome referrals from local GPs, community mental health teams and from charities such as MIND.

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Pillar Regeneration


Rest and Renewal

Taken from a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem, DareGale refers to a skylark singing its song into the storm. These one-day retreats provide rest and recuperation for employees who are exhausted through work-based stress, especially our colleagues in the NHS. We have seen 250 medical professionals on our retreats and are beginning to work with Aberystwyth University’s Centre for Creative Writing and Wellbeing on a future programme in West Wales.

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Fathom's ability to gather people together inside an inclusive, welcoming, creative space inspires and excites me.

Nancy Durham Founder of FARMERS' Welsh Lavender Ltd