We have run over twenty retreats for 250 medical staff, unemployed young people and senior executives. They have proved uniquely effective in helping individuals to relax, both physically and mentally, to form positive relationships with their peers, and to rekindle their sense of purpose.

From the outset, Fathom has developed evidence that they are improving health and wellbeing across physical, social and psychological and increasingly existential domains. We need Fathom to help us create radically new models of care, including for medical colleagues in crisis which is why Fathom’s retreats are so timely.

Dame Professor Clare Gerada, DBE, FRCP, FRCGP, FRCPsych President Royal College General Practitioners, Chair Doctors in Distress

Just a huge thank you! I valued everything about the day. Being invited to pause and just be – in our body, felt vital to what I do and who I am and something that I will actively choose to do from now. To have this positive experience of what it is to pause, and to reflect on what it is we are seeking to provide, was truly restorative.

Medical Consultant